Strategies to conquer Sunday night scaries and Monday morning dread.

It's not abnormal to feel a little anxiety about returning to work after a holiday break, vacation or even just the beginning of a new year.

You have been on a much more relaxed schedule. If you…

5 things to do now, if your small business is struggling as industries shutter their doors, leads dry up, conferences & speaking engagements end and clients tighten budgets!

Google Images : Over a Cliff

In this season of uncertainty and clients being mindful of spending and stretching their budget, client driven businesses like mine, are in danger of taking a major hit, if not closing altogether.

In our online briefing today, I opened up with letting my small team know that I was unsure…

Understanding the value of making yourself scarce!

Blogger and CEO, Anil Dash coined the phrase, the “Joy of Missing Out” or J.O.M.O in a blog post by the same name. He shared the benefits he gleaned after taking a break from his tech devices, and thus from social media.

Whereas there is certainly merit in detaching from…

3 Reasons Why Storytelling is a Catalyst to Increased Profits and Substantial Growth.

“Show your scars, Camille!”

I looked at my mentor like she was speaking another language. She was coaching me through the process of finishing my book. I shared with her the struggles of maintaining and shrouding my “image” while trying to be honest about the journey.

“You can’t be honest…

5 tips of what potential state, county and city political candidates should do BEFORE actually campaigning.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t know that there was a term that defined eating and drinking before going to a party. In my collegiate days, we did it because we were on a budget and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying drinks and wings at the…

Help! It’s not just for the wealthy, it’s for the “WORKING”.

Having a clean home doesn’t have to wear you out!

Working as an Executive on Loan, Chief of Staff for the Michigan State Senate during this past political lame duck session was one for the record books. 18 hour days, long nights…..days that some didn’t leave the capitol at all. My role ebbed and flowed from managing legislation and bill…

Camille D. Jamerson

Award-winning Author/Speaker | Sr. Mgmt Political and Business Consultant | CEO of @cdjassociates |Feat. in: USA Today| NY Post | Yahoo|

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